What You Need to Know About Donating at Talize

Talize is a Canadian thrift store that collects and resells gently used clothing, shoes and accessories from individuals as well as organizations. Donating gently used clothing and household items to Talize is a great alternative to giving your old valuables a new home, while keeping them out of landfill. It also supports our mission of making sustainable fashion more accessible and affordable to our communities. At Talize, we provide a wide selection of affordable clothes, household items, and other unique goods for all occasions and seasons – and it’s through generous donations that we’re able to do so.

Thrift stores in general are a great way to support the environment and your local economy. When you buy new clothing, you're supporting the manufacturing of new materials and products. This unfortunately creates an excess amount of waste and pollution from shipping, as well as manufacturing. By buying gently used items instead of purchasing new, you're helping reduce this environmental impact on our planet. More importantly, you’re reducing waste by giving old clothes a new purpose instead of throwing them away. Plus, there's always something interesting and unique waiting for you between the racks!

What can I Donate to Talize?

At Talize we accept various donations in the form of soft and hard goods, such as: clothing, accessories, shoes, home décor/small home appliances, books, toys, and electronics.

Every year, millions of tons of clothing are thrown away and end up in landfills, which take years to decompose. By donating and shopping at thrift stores like Talize, you are helping reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills and giving others the chance to enjoy one’s previously treasured goods.

How does the donation process work?

Every day, Talize stores in Ontario and British Columbia welcome donations of any quantity. For the donation made, customers are eligible to a $5 coupon that can be applied at any time. 

This week we’re giving customers who give more, a greater treat! Did you know? from February 6th - 14th, Talize is providing a special donation offer, where individuals who donate two large bags of gently used clothing, household items and other hard goods will receive a 30% discount to use on their next purchase, valid for use for the entire month of February!

If you're interested in donating your gently used clothing and/or hard goods, it’s a simple process and can be done at any of our store locations. To find the closest Talize store to you, you can utilize our store locater here.

Operating hours for our donation centres are 9am – 9pm, Monday – Sunday, making it convenient for every schedule, and easy for you to support sustainability. The more contributions made, the more of an impact we can make together in creating a greener future.

In summary…

We hope you'll join us in our mission to make the world a better place by donating your gently used clothing and hard goods. At Talize, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality clothing at affordable prices – and your contributions help in making that possible. We hope to see you soon!