A DIY Thriftmas Gift Idea

Thriftmas season is upon us and thankfully, at Talize you’ll be able to save more while purchasing a thoughtfully unique thrifted item or DIY  your own! A do-it-yourself gift seems daunting, but with these tips on how to go about it, it’s not so bad. An added bonus is that you get to avoid the chaotic malls with too many people and not enough parking spots! (It’s the little joys in life, right)? 

I have decided to DIY a gallery wall for my family! A few years ago one of my sisters and I made a gallery wall for my in laws. We chose different frames in the same colour family, and some cute signs. They loved it. Since then, our family has grown and changed, so we knew that we wanted to gift them an updated and extended gallery wall this Christmas. 

Our first and most important step was getting more frames. They didn’t have to match, but they had to coordinate with the existing colours and the colours in the room. Talize is a great place to find frames that are gently used, or even still in the package. A couple of the ones that I found were brand new- which is a total bonus. They are a fraction of the cost of what you would spend in a department store. Frames can be pricey, but thankfully Talize is here to save your bank account.

Our next step is printing off the new photos. I suggest taking them to a professional photo studio if you want the best quality. For cleaning, any marks can be removed with a magic eraser, and window cleaner on the glass of the frames. Hot tip: if you have issues getting price sticker residue off of the glass, use a hair dryer to help out. Just blow the hot air overtop of the sticker for a minute and it should peel off no problem!

Once you place your photos in the frames that you like, then you can add them to the wall. Hot tip: when you are searching for the frames in Talize, be sure to check the back of each frame to make sure that there is a place to hook it onto the nail in the wall!

Once you are satisfied with your work, present it to the lucky gift receiver! This is a beautiful gift idea that would normally cost over one hundred dollars, but you did it for under twenty dollars! My favourite part about this idea is that it’s personal. There is nothing that says “I care about you” more than searching a thrift store, printing out some favourite photos, and designing and installing it yourself. 


Whether you are creating a thrifted gallery wall, a hostess gift basket, or even a fun advent calendar, Talize has got you covered with new and nearly new gift ideas for the do-it-yourself gift giver!


Written by: Sara Wells (Blogger/Content Creator)