World Environment Day 2023

50th Anniversary of World Environment Day: What You Can Do to Safeguard the Planet

Since its inception in 1973, World Environment Day has become the most prominent international platform that advocates for the environment's welfare. Each year, 150 countries participate and pledge their commitment to creating a cleaner and greener environment. 

Our planet has several pressing matters, including water pollution, food waste, deforestation, climate change, plastic pollution, etc. The primary purpose of World Environment day is to create awareness and mobilize action among global communities worldwide to protect the environment and follow sustainable lifestyles.

50 Years of Dedication to the Environment

Each year, different environmental issues are addressed. This year, on its 50th anniversary, World Environment Day 2023 supports the theme #BeatPlasticPollution.

Every year, 400 million metric tons of plastic waste is produced globally. 75 to 199 million tons of plastic waste are currently in our oceans, penetrating and harming marine ecosystems, and only 10% of plastic waste is recycled.

This has resulted in a call for effective remedial measures to reduce plastic pollution. Activists are advocating the following:

 Upcycling Plastic Goods

Instead of discarding plastic such as water bottles, takeout containers, grocery bags, and more and leaving them at landfills, it is advisable to reuse these items around the house more creatively.

Proper Garbage Segregation and Disposal

People are now growing increasingly mindful of how they dispose of their waste. Proper segregation of dry and wet waste at home and in the community is a significant step to ensure that plastic waste ends up in the right hands and is recycled responsibly.

Choosing Cloth Bags Over Plastic

The move to reject plastic bags at the grocery store or other shopping centers has been around for some time now and should be sustained. Cloth bags are a perfect alternative to carrying items and can be reused repeatedly.

Final Notes

While plastic may be the primary focus of World Environment Day, at Talize, we advocate purchasing gently used items over prioritizing fast fashion. Each and every one of us can contribute to making the world a better place by living more sustainably on World Environment Day and beyond—and that includes you!

If you have pre-loved goods that need a new home, why not donate them to Talize? In return for your generosity and effort towards safeguarding the environment, we’re offering a unique discount in lieu of World Environment Day 2023 from June 2nd-5th.

When you drop off two large bags of gently used hard or soft items, you’ll receive a 50% off coupon that can then be used on your entire purchase (excluding gift cards), valid until June 5th!

See the complete list of accepted items here, and learn how and where you can donate and do your part this World Environment Day!