Thrifting Tips with Talize

Hey readers! My name is Sara Wells, a Toronto stylist and fashion blogger. As long as I have been thrifting, I’ve thrifted at Talize! My home store was down the street from my college, and I would go there weekly to see all of the new arrivals coming in. I’ve found designer shoes, name brands, and items still with the original tags on. I was introduced to thrifting by my dad, who always stopped into Talize to check out their CD collection.

I know going thrift shopping can seem overwhelming, so many options and racks, but I’ve put together some tips to help ease the process. Talize categorizes and colour coordinates their racks to simplify the process for the shopper, and hopefully my tips will make it even better!

  1. Don’t let sizes influence what you choose.

    Talize carries every brand under the sun, and every brand is different in their sizing. Something from one store can fit you in a small, yet another brand you’re a large. Look past the numbers and letters and look for what will fit you best
  2. Have patience

    Give yourself ample time to go through the racks. Don’t go shopping in a rush. You want this to be an enjoyable experience! Ensure that you hit your favourite sections of the store first, in case you get tired, and grab a cart! If you don’t feel like thumbing through every item, walk by slowly in the aisle and look for colours and textures that stand out to you
  3. Go through Instagram and Pinterest for outfit inspiration

    You may find a really neat blazer, but have no clue how to wear it. Save photo inspiration of outfits you like. Make a note of the pieces you already own at home, and what you will look for in store. This is a great way of buying less of what you don’t need, and ensuring you leave with the key items you came in for
  4. Look in the places you might not normally look

    The clear bags of mismatched items may contain a treasure. I have had so much luck in the kitchen and toy sections with these bags. You may only find 2/5 pieces in the bags that you love, but the prices are typically lower on the bags so you save a ton- and can give away what you don’t want. My special finds have been wooden toys and salt and pepper shakers
  5. Shop during non-peak hours

    There'll be less people and more room to look thoroughly. This may be a shopping rule of thumb in general, but the best hours to go are right in the morning, or during dinner time. Less people there means more space for you. It’s better to go mid-week as well, so they can restock items from the busy weekend, and it’s not yet too crazy on a Friday

    I hope these tips have been helpful, and that you enjoy your local Talize store as much as I do. Happy thrifting!

    Sara Wells @blondehanes Toronto stylist and fashion blogger