Sustainable Gifting Ideas for Father's Day

10 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Dad this Father's Day

He taught us how to ride a bike and the key points of the game of baseball. For years he has saved us from unwanted crawly creatures and defended us against the monsters under the bed. Now it's time to thank him for all that he has done for us and for being the father figure that others have needed.

 Father's Day gifts are plentiful at Talize, you just need to know the right place to look! In keeping with our sustainable goals and recycling great quality pre-loved goods, we can surprise Dad and do our part to save the environment at the same time.


The book department is loaded with every genre from the old classics to new releases. You can never go wrong for the dad that loves to read with a variety of new titles to add to his repertoire. Has he been curious about plumbing and home renovation? There is a whole section of How-To and DIY books to help get him started. Check out the great assortment of biographies and memoirs of people he finds most fascinating. Raise the hair on the back of his neck with a Stephen King novel or keep him on the edge of his chair with a Clive Cussler mystery. You never know what you'll find tucked away in these racks!


For the adventurous outdoor Dad there is always a great find to be had in the outdoor section. Coolers, lanterns, tools, sleeping bags and an assortment of barbeque cooking utensils. All the makings of a great camping trip by the lake.

Sporting Goods

Do you have a Dad that lives and breathes all things sports or perhaps he is frequently checking TSN for the latest game highlights? In the Sporting Goods section, you can always find equipment, yard games, even cleats and gloves. Pop over to the display case at the front of the store and take a peek for really unique treasures such as signed jerseys, brand new baseball gloves or maybe trading cards of his favourite teams.

Home & Office Décor

If Dad has a home office or "Man Cave" he may need some new décor! In the home décor section you can find a large selection of mirrors, artwork and picture frames. Maybe you'll discover something featuring his favourite hockey team or a sailboat painting that reminds him of the one he used to have.

Kitchen, Bar & BBQ

The Chef, the Grillmaster, the man in the apron! Have you checked out the sewing & bedding departments lately? There is a good possibility of finding Dad a great new apron for you to add his official nickname to! Perhaps he collects shot glasses and could use a few unique ones from the dishware shelves. Maybe you'll discover the cork remover he has mentioned seeing on tv, a George Foreman grill or perhaps a home brewery kit! You just never know what you'll find. 

Action Figure & Comics

Then again, maybe Dad is more of a gamer with a collection of comics and action figures larger than your own! Discovering an original Star Wars figurine would be really something, but how cool would a Darth Vader Lego alarm clock be?! Keep an eye out in the men's section too, you may discover his favourite Marvel or DC comics on a shirt in his size!

Hobbies & Collectibles

From classic car Avon bottles to sporty model cars, oh the treasures to be found for the avid collector. Antiques and collectibles are hidden away, waiting to be discovered in the Home Décor area. You may get lucky and discover an entire collection of vintage trinkets, all looking for a new home.


Maybe Dad isn't into Netflix and prefers his good ol' DVD player or even more classic VHS. How thrilled he will be to finally have the full set of Indiana Jones movies or a mint condition unopened box set of his favourite horror films. This is a great opportunity to give him some older films he hasn't seen.

Clothing & Accessories

Have Dad's t-shirts become a bit worse for wear lately? Surprise him with a beautiful soft leather wallet, or perhaps a new golf shirt or classic button up from Banana Republic. The Men's section has many racks loaded with every size and colour, from plaid shirts to sweats, to ski jackets and jeans. Did we mention a huge selection of neck ties and ball caps?!

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Board Games & Puzzles

Last but not least, board games and puzzles just might make the perfect gift for dad! Crosswords, Sudoku, RISK or maybe Settlers of Catan, there is always a huge variety of board and card games to be found at Talize. For the Father that spends his winters putting together puzzles on the kitchen table or maybe a softcover book of brain teasers for his afternoon coffee break.

As you can see, Talize is the perfect place to shop Father’s day gifts for that special father figure in your life! Give the gift of unique and sustainable finds, this Father’s Day! We hope to see you soon!