How to Transition Your Summer Clothing for the Fall

The temperatures have dropped, the boots are being dusted off, and the crisp smell of autumn is in the air. The best season has arrived!

Fall is a season of cozy knits, leather boots, and loads of layers. Though there’s a chill in the air, don’t put away your summer clothes quite yet! We can get more wears out of them than you think. 

Let’s go through 4 summer staples that can easily be transitioned into your fall wardrobe.  


In the summertime, we can easily wear a skirt with any tank and sandals. For the fall, swap the tank with a cable knit sweater. You can find so many of them within the sweater aisles of Talize. Pair it with sneakers or boots (anything closed toe) and you are good to go. When it really gets chilly, add in some nylons or thicker tights to bundle up. Skirts seem like a spring and summer only piece, but with the right additions, they can be styled year-round. 



The vest was an early 2000s staple that has made its way back into the fashion world thanks to Gen Z. Traditionally they are only worn with suiting, however they were made popular again this past summer season by simply wearing them without a top underneath and with a plain bottom. To include it in our fall wardrobe, add a layering piece underneath- like a long sleeve top or sweater, and it looks fabulous. Bonus points for using the same sweater that you’re using for the skirt. We love items that show a great cost per wear! Top this fall look off with some combat boots and a knit beanie and you are a perfect 10! 



Dresses are something that everyone adores in the warmer months. We love them because they require minimal styling efforts – just toff it on and you’re out the door! With a couple of additions for the cooler months, you can have the same ease as you did had wearing it in the summer months. Blazers pair incredibly well with dresses- and Talize is always stocked with them. If you aren’t finding any that are oversized enough, never fail to check the men’s section for a oversized boyfriend-look. If you find a dream blazer but the shoulder pads are a bit too 80s, most can easily be cut out from the inside and you would never be able to notice. Like the skirt, when the temperature drop you can add on tights or over the knee boots to keep it cozy yet stylish. Pair this outfit with a thrifted bag and you’re ready for the office or a night out with friends. 


We all have tons of tanks, dressy and casual, in our wardrobes. Don’t store them away just yet – they make great additions as staple pieces for layering in the fall! Toss on that thrifted blazer, a vintage jacket, or even a cozy cardigan. Tanks are always well priced at Talize, and so many still have the original tags on them. What a steal!

However you decide to style your items for fall, just know that re-wearing is cool, sustainable, and cost effective. The more wears you get out of your pieces, the better it is for your wallet and the environment. Whenever you do come looking for those additional wardrobe pieces, check out Talize! When you aren’t looking for items in season (a vacation perhaps?!) sleep well knowing that Talize has discounted the off-season items that are unique and well priced. Sounds like savings all around, to me! 


Written by: Sara Wells - Content Creator