Sustainable Gifting at Talize

The search for the perfect holiday present for someone can be a stressful venture. First you have to have some ideas of what that person wants. Next, you have the choice to brave the busy mall, or wait weeks for your package to arrive. Not to mention financial worry that comes along with gift giving. Do you budget? Do you have a limit or none? Are they getting you something? Don’t forget the money you have to put in for a secret Santa gift at the office! Finally, you have the gift, but do they even like what you got, or did you waste all of the time, money, and energy on something that will collect dust in a storage room closet? 

There is some news to be told: thrifting gifts is okay! It’s more than okay, it’s eco friendly, budget friendly, more fun, and surprisingly simple to do! Below listed are a few gift ideas that can easily be found at your local Talize store. Talize carries practically new and gently used items that are ideal for gift giving. Over the years that thrifting has gained popularity, so has giving people gifts that are secondhand. It’s not taboo to give a friend a vintage handbag, so why wouldn’t you find some more goodies at the thrift store!

First up we have gifts for him/them. These selects would realistically work well for anyone, but if you specifically have a husband/father/male friend in mind to buy for, these are some great options. 


 Chapter books or coffee table books are an excellent idea for a thrifted Christmas present. Most people only lightly use a book or read it once before donating, so you can find current releases at extremely low prices. Coffee table books are also a wonderful and personal housewarming or host gift for someone as well. An expert tip: take off the paper cover to reveal the beautiful hardcover book underneath for displaying in an aesthetic way! From cookbooks to romance novels, sports books to travel magazines, you can find any book in great condition at Talize.

Sports Equipment 

For the sports enthusiast in your life, equipment can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, Talize always has a bundle of sports and leisure accessories. Basketball, soccer, skiing, skating, baseball, and tennis are only naming a few of the categories that they carry. This brand name basketball is in mint condition, and is a fraction of the cost compared to a sporting goods store. While you’re in the aisle, grab a pair of skates for all of the winter skating you’ll be doing, too!


Okay, okay, it can be a cliche gift, but necessary! Ties are not cheap in most stores, but you are barely paying over $5 for one at Talize. They have ones that are more modern as well as vintage ties from the 80s/90s, for a more eclectic style. Get the guys prepped for upcoming holiday parties or even the next season of weddings in the spring with a few new tie selections. 


Next we have gift ideas for her/them. These can be for moms/friends/partners or anyone who may like these types of gifts. 


One thing that you don’t realize until you decorate your own home is that home decor is costly. Decorative items like vases aren’t a necessity, and are often overlooked when styling a home- which makes for a great gift idea! You would be shocked at how many people donate vases that are worth a lot more money. The shelves at Talize are always stocked up with stunning glassware and home decor like this. Now add in some fresh flowers and the gift is complete!


Who doesn’t love a matching set of China? It used to be a popular wedding gift to get China, and it would be handed down through the generations. To receive it from your parents would be an honour. With rising costs, people getting married or new homes don’t always ask for beautiful items like this, they want the basics like cutlery and bowls to be bought first- leaving the China forgotten. However, Talize is never short on vintage China. It seems every time you look through the fine China aisle, it’s full of beautiful sets. Grab a basket from the wooden and wicker basket section, add in some matching China, and you have a stunning gift for a newlywed couple, a dinner host, or a recent graduate going out in the world. 


Though you can keep the photo that is found with these thrifted frames, it is not necessary. Talize has so many photo frames to choose from, and with frames being a costly expense, it makes for a fabulous gift for someone special. Print off a photo of you and the recipient to add in it, or maybe some of their favourite local artwork! You can grab a few similar frames and create a gallery wall for their home to display photos they love. Any way you slice it, photo frames are a tried-and-true gift idea. 

Have you been convinced yet that thrifting gifts at Talize is a great idea? Between the great selection and low prices, it’s hard to get it wrong. (But don’t worry, they do have gift cards)!