Donating At Talize

The impact of donating.

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact of donating clothes and household items you no longer need?

At Talize, we’re known for putting good use to donated items, which gives us an inside look at the impact that donations and sustainable shopping can have on people's lives.

Maybe you bought something just because it seemed like a good deal, and now you're stuck with it. You may have been holding onto an item that's outdated or has seen better days. And maybe—just maybe—you're so attached to that old thing that you can't bear to let it go.

But here's the thing: if that treasured item is still working fine and you don't have any specific use for it, why not donate it? That way, someone else can benefit from it! It will also help them save money on new purchases by using yours instead of buying something new. That's right: donating can be an opportunity for people to save more on these items in thrift stores like ours, it affords them the chance to discover quality items without breaking the bank.

That's why we encourage everyone who wants to give a second life to unused possessions: when you donate at Talize, your donation could make a difference in someone else's life and the environment!

The environment is heavily impacted by all the items we buy and keep in our households.

Donating to Talize is a great way to help the environment, and we're here to tell you why.

First, donating your gently used clothing and hard goods means that you're recycling them instead of throwing them in the trash. This can help keep harmful chemicals out of our water supply and reduce waste.

Second, it helps keep those items out of landfills and out of the waste stream—which is the ideal end goal. You are helping people get quality stuff at affordable prices, but you're also doing something else: you're reducing waste. That's because a lot of the stuff that gets donated is still in good condition. Instead of being discarded as trash, it gets recycled in a way that doesn't just end up in a landfill.

And that's not all. If you donate clothes, for example, they get sold right away instead of just sitting in a storage unit somewhere until they break down enough to be thrown out or donated themselves. The same is true for other types of goods like furniture and electronics—they get sold quickly, so they don't have time to wear out or become obsolete before they're used again.

And then there's the fact that by donating your unused items instead of throwing them away, you're also helping reduce waste pollution in our environment! These actions help reduce pollution by keeping items out of landfills, which have been known to cause air pollution and contain toxic materials like lead paint. Instead of letting these items go to waste, giving them a new home and a new chance at life is the best outcome.

Thirdly, a lot of people don't think about how much energy it takes for something to get from one place to another—and then when we throw those things away, they take up space in landfills, taking thousands of years to decompose! That's so wasteful! By giving these items new life through donations, not only does this keep our planet green, but it also makes sustainable shopping more accessible to everyone.

We have a lot planned for you this season.

With the holidays and new year just around the corner, now is the time to start decluttering our homes, letting go of things we no longer need, and giving them away to others to enjoy.

Are you ready to give new life to items you no longer treasure or have use for? Well, we have the perfect opportunity to declutter and SAVE at Talize! From November 22nd - 29th, customers who donate two large bags of clothing and/or hard goods will receive a 30% off coupon valid from Nov. 22nd - December 31st.

Your contributions make the world a greener place –it’s that simple. We hope to see you soon!