3 Easy DIY Kid's Costumes for Halloween!

Nothing grows faster than a small child and their clothing- this includes costumes! Kids costumes can be quite the money grab from Halloween stores, and even if they can be worn the next year - most of the time kids want a new costume.

Not only is this not a great cost-per-wear, but it’s not environmentally savvy either. Sure, it’s great to donate your used costume, but what’s even better is DIY-ing it from a thrift store. 

There are always articles written about “How to Style a Scarf 3 Ways”, but what about a kids Halloween costume? Can you make a costume out of a single item, and style it three different ways? I’m going to show you three costumes that can be made out of one thrifted black sweater and skirt- from Talize of course!

Costume 1: Static Cling

What you’ll need: single socks, tape

I distinctly remember seeing someone in high school create this costume and I thought it was just the best. It’s a great last-minute costume that can be made with thrifted items or ones that you already have!

I took the black outfit, single socks and tape and pinned the socks all over the top. Scatter the socks all over the outfit, then tape them gently into place. It only takes a couple of minutes, and is a very cost-effective costume. It’s perfect for when your child forgot to tell you it was costume day at school! (Or for last minute parents- it’s ok I’m with ya)!

Costume 2: Wednesday Addams 

What you’ll need: black eyeliner, hair elastics, collared shirt

This costume is always a fun one to see on little girls! Though my daughter doesn’t have long black hair, the costume is still very impactful! Simply layer a collared shirt or onesie (also easy to thrift in the kids’ section) underneath the sweater. Next, you’ll add some black eyeliner on their under eyes, for the ghastly look. Finally braid their hair into low pigtails! You can always add a black wig if you’d like the full effect. This DIY idea will be even more popular this year with the TV show coming out soon as well! The best part is that the pieces can be worn again in a non costume fashion! 

Costume 3: Black Cat

What you’ll need: black eyeliner, optional cat ears

For the final costume, you can go simple or go detailed. For the simple way, just draw on cat whiskers and a nose to your child’s face with eyeliner. Put any hair into little buns for “ears”. If you’d like to spice up the look and buy some ears and a tail, you can do that too! Your babe will be the cutest kid on the block either way. 

So many more costumes can be made with just a little black outfit and the best part is that it can be worn over and over again. All three of these looks can also be done with black pants or a black dress too!

With Talize, you have endless options for costume ideas that don’t break the bank. Buy a new costume, a gently used one, or make your own! Any way you slice it, Talize has your back, and you’re helping out our planet, and your budget. 

Happy Halloween!