4 Fashion Trends for Winter 2022 That You Need To Know

Wondering what you should be wearing throughout these chilly winter days? Or maybe you’re just sick of wearing nothing more inspiring than your parka and sweats? Despite the cold, there are a variety of ways you can continue to express yourself with layers, fun accessories, and lavish details.

Here are the top four styles we think you’ll be seeing the most this season, plus a tip on how to thrift them!

  1. Minimalist But Not Basic - Centering on clean lines and neutral colours, this trend doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Best of all, it can work equally whether you prefer a dressed-up or dressed-down style – stick with your matching sweat suit for working from home or grab a real matching suit set to wear out! This trend is also the easiest if you’re hoping to maintain a capsule wardrobe, since you can opt for pieces that all go well together and ensure your wardrobe is also minimal in number. A focus on high-quality basics, such as a fitted black turtleneck and pants that go with everything, is sure to take this style to the next level. 

    Tip: Check the men’s section at Talize for pieces that embrace this trend’s boxy aesthetic.
  2. Statement Headwear - When it’s this cold, we all have to wear hats to stay warm… so might as well make them fun! We saw an increase in unique hat styles in fall 2021, and this is a look that’s definitely sticking around through winter 2022 as well. Though you can’t go wrong with a classic beanie, this winter we’re seeing a much bigger variety of unique headgear: fuzzy bucket hats, balaclavas, beanies, and even giant earmuffs. Best of all? This trend is easy to incorporate with most other styles since it encompasses such a wide variety of options. Prefer the minimal trend mentioned in the first point? Stick with a plain balaclava. Want to be a little more out there? Try out a brightly coloured bucket hat. The options are endless! Tip: Thrifting a cute hat (keep an eye out throughout the aisles at Talize) is the perfect way to experiment with this trend in a sustainable and low-cost way.
  3. Y2K Is Here 2 Stay - Butterfly clips. Blue eyeshadow. Bandanas. The early 2000s were a time of riotous fun and futuristic fashion, and they’ve returned… with a twist. The modernized version of this trend involves bright colours (stick with monochrome looks), tie-front tops (or cardigans for this cold weather), and of course velour tracksuits (perfect for lazy days at home when you still want to look cute!). Love it or hate it, the low-waisted renaissance is also here as part of this trend. Keep an eye out for low-waisted jeans with flared legs that can easily be worn over boots to incorporate it into your winter looks. (Unless you’re feeling really brave, we’ll leave the miniskirts that were also popular then for a warmer season.) Tip: If you don’t want to go overboard, check the jewelry section for fun accessories that can add a pop of colour without overwhelming your whole look. Keep an eye out for little baguette bags in Talize’s purse section as well!
  4. Faux Leather + Faux Fur  - Plant-based cuisine is on the rise, and the same can be said with fashion. Even better: working this into your style this winter is the perfect way to stay warm and fashionable at the same time! Keep an eye out for shearling details on coats and big faux fur collars on jackets and cardigans to remain on trend.

    Faux leather also continues to thrive, with wide-legged pants a popular option. This material can easily be incorporated into layered looks by putting a faux leather blazer over a turtleneck or cropped shirt to stay warm, and looks perfect for dinner and cocktail dates as well as for days spent in the office. Tip: Check the coat section at Talize for an easy way to thrift this trend! Keep an eye out for boxy shapes rather than ones that are too cropped or fitted.

    Despite the cold, there are a lot of fun ways to try out (and thrift) new styles this winter. Let us know which of these trends you’re planning on trying first in the comments!

    Tatiana Morand is the creator of Toronto Brunch Club. When she’s not thrifting, she’s visiting local cafes or working on her fantasy novel. You can find her on Instagram and on TikTok.