Heart Candy Jar

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I have been thinking a lot about what sort of unique gifts I could create for my loved ones. On my last thrifting adventure to Talize I found a trio of adorable candy jars with lids and started to imagine the possibilities. Sure, glass jars aren't all that impressive on their own, but what about adding candies or flowers to them?! 

One of my favourite things to thrift at Talize is statement jewelry, unique necklaces full of sparkle and bold rhinestones. There is a section typically on the end of a jewelry rack that is full of what I like to call "Goodie Bags" full of assorted jewelry which is perfect for DIY projects like these! This is a great example of how you can repurpose these bits and bobbles to make a beautiful heart lid to bling-up your candy jar!


  • Pliers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Assortment of jewelry, beads, brooches
  • Loose rhinestones or sequins
  • Small chain
  • Candy jar with lid

The Process 

First thing you want to do is lay out your heart design on top of the lid (or the side whichever you prefer) to see what pieces you will be able to use and what will work best to create the heart shape. This part can be tricky as without glue things like to slide around but at least you'll have a general idea of where to place each piece. Take a photo or notes if that helps. 

Using your pliers carefully twist and remove all the extra parts such as jump rings or pin backs. You'll want each piece as flat as possible. If a stone pops off in the process not to worry these can be glued back on later. 



Tighten the lid back on the jar and mark what way will be "right side up" so that your heart is facing the right way when you put the lid on! Start from the bottom layer and work your way up, gluing each item in place in the shape of the heart. Build it up with loose rhinestones and beads to fill in some of the gaps. You can also use a small beaded chain like this one to outline the heart! Start by gluing the end of one side in the centre of the heart and work your way around the outside adding a touch of hot glue every few inches or where the glue will not be noticeable. Once you have finished the outline you can drizzle the remaining chain to fill in the gaps or cut it off, whichever is more suitable for your design.

If you are giving this fun project away as a Valentine's Day gift you can fill it with all sorts of goodies such as candies or these foil wrapped chocolate hearts! If your Valentine likes bed and bath items you could fill it with soaps, candles, bath salts or facial masks too! Be sure to check out the miscellaneous goodie bags at Talize for more treasures to fill them with! 



I opted to fill my jar with bath roses (they disintegrate into petals when they touch the water!) I found a box of them brand new in the package in the bath & body section! Toss in a bunch of chocolate hearts for the ultimate “spa” package for your special someone and give the gift of relaxation! 

Thrift Love Life (@thriftlovelife)
Avid thrifter Pamela shares her love of fashion, DIY and home decor.