May 17th – 25th - Dive into the Depths of Thrift Without Drowning in Taxes!

Save the Tax at Talize!

From May 17th to 25th, experience a shopping treat like never before at Talize. Get ready to fill your carts without emptying your wallet because during this epic week—the tax is on us!

That’s right–you get to experience the thrill of hunting down those unique finds, without the pesky tax bite.

Unleash True Value 

At Talize, we don't just talk sustainability, we live it. Our circular culture means reimagining product lifecycles, giving them a second chance, and keeping them out of landfills. And what's cooler than saving the planet while saving some cash? With our tax-free event, you're not just shopping - you're making a statement!

Demand Change

Enough is enough! It's downright unfair to pay tax twice on second-hand goods. Talize stands against this injustice. Join us in our mission for fairness by supporting our Second-Hand Tax (SHT) event. It's time to rewrite the rules and make shopping guilt-free!

Join the Movement

At the forefront of the fight against second-hand taxation is a movement aiming to change how we shop for used items. Sign the petition now and let's make a difference together!

*Sign the Petition*

Gear Up for the Ultimate Shopping Experience

Mark your calendars, set your alarms - it's time for a shopping spree like no other. Join us from May 17th-25th and dive into guilt-free shopping, where every purchase counts towards sustainability and every dollar saved is a victory against unfair taxation.

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Disclaimer: Savings of 13% will be applied to the purchase price before tax. This offer will only be valid from May 17th-25th. Not applicable to gift cards.