National Thrift Day
Give & Save Offer at Talize

National Thrift Day is a celebration of thrift stores, thrifting, and the environment. The idea is simple:
Choosing to buy gently used items over fast fashion, is the way to go for a greater tomorrow! In addition to being good for your wallet and saving money, shopping at thrift stores benefits the environment by supporting the reuse and recycling of materials instead of creating waste through overconsumption.

August 17th – 19th.

This year, we’re celebrating National Thrift Day by offering a 50% coupon when you drop off your gently used items! From August 17th – 19th, we’ll be accepting pre-loved clothing, shoes, toys and small home appliances in exchange for a 50% coupon!

What are the benefits of donating to Talize?

1) Helps reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts caused by manufacturing new products from raw materials

2) You’re providing others with greater access to affordable and trendy items 

3) You’re keeping unwanted items out of landfills, and instead giving them new homes 

4) You’ll get a 50% off coupon that can be used towards your next purchase at Talize! (valid until August 19th)

Feel good about making a contribution to your community and the sustainable future we hope to create together.

We're proud to offer this opportunity to encourage everyone to consider getting involved with National Thrift Day. We hope to see you then! 

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Disclaimer: Minimum 2 bags of gently used items must be donated to receive the coupon. This offer is only valid from August 17th to August 19th. Coupon is valid until August 19th.